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Oekee Doekee...A word about the Ranch


Howdee Doodely Doo! (which means Welcome to Pi Land Ranch).

Our website is mainly about life with the Pi kritters and friends. Pi Land Ranch is located in beautiful southwestern Oregon, where life is slow and we are even slower. We volunteer a lot of our time to helping the animals at the Coos County Animal Shelter. We foster animals from the shelter and try to help anyone with their foster animal adoptions as well. And now some necessary stuff—We are not an animal shelter or sanctuary, we only foster animals from the county shelterok enough of that. As you may guess life is never dull around here, but we would not have it any other way. Sooooo check out the pages, we hope you enjoy yourself or even worse learn something, then drop us a line and tell us what you think. Well I have to go and feed somebody or scoop the poop or something like that (our work is never done). Life is not all work at the Ranch though, we always find time to enjoy the countryside or the beach and we always enjoy hanging out at “the ole pile of dirt on the hill” with the kritters and friends!


Dr. Powell

SOS page.

Wistee the Wonder Cat loves Dr Powell (without him she would not be alive)

Wistee the Wonder Cat!

Wistee weighs in at 9 pounds-woo hoooo!!! She has been spayed and is as feisty as ever. She had to have surgery to remove her eyes. She does not see but you can not keep a good kitten down. She is very happy and loves to play. Wistee now has her own page so everyone can enjoy her story. Take look!

at the Timber Inn in 2006

Jodawg in Coos Bay !

Mountaindawg has performed at the Charleston Seafood Festival and the Blackberry Arts Festival. Mountaindawg came to  Oregon in 2005 and stayed at the Ranch a few days. They came again in 2006 and 2007! See our Mountaindawg pages for some cool pictures. A new cd is in the works, take a look at their web site, www.mtndawg.com for details.

Coos County Animal Shelter Web Pages

Along with all the chores here at the ranch we publish a few Web pages to showcase the animals available for adoption at Coos County, Oregon Animal Shelter each week. See the CCAS page and adopt a shelter pet!

You can also visit the Lost & Found page,

CCAS Volunteers, or the CCAS Happy Tails page!

shelter animals make good pets

Homes Needed

We also have lots of information about foster animals who just want a little place to call home. Check out the CCAS page or the Homes Needed page to see who is available for adoption or what you can do to help. Thanks to everyone who takes time to foster a needy kritter.

Site Index!

We have added sooooo many pages that we just can not list them all here. Go check out the index page for all the great stuff at pilandranch.com. There are pages for all the Pi Kritters as well as our friends and tons of good information and of course there are lots of fun stuff too!

a bunch o cat buddies

Dr. Powell

Dr. Powell is busy writing a book of his memoirs from Wyoming!  Watch for updated info on publishing and availability!

Doc N Friends

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